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Avg antivirus recognize and remove all the unwanted viruses coming from the web like: trojan, malware, ransomewhere, spyware, etc. You just need the 20 digit avg activation code which is written on avg retail card to get started with avg and download the antivirus software. Stay safe online with AVG Support. Explore the feature-rich, newly-designed, user-friendly interface.

What is avg retail card?

Avg Retail card is a collection and combination of alpha-numeric code, by that you will be able to activate, download and install avg antivirus on your computer. Once you enter the avg activation code at avg website, you will be able to download and install avg products.

Where to find avg activation code?

  • If you bought the product from a retail store offline, then the key code must be inside the packaging on the avg retail card.
  • In the case of a buy online. The keycode will be sent to the email address you have entered.

How to download and install avg with license number?

  1. Open web browser and type the web address of avg website written on retail card
  2. Enter avg activation code
    • Click on "confirm code" button
  3. Login to Avg account with email address and password
    • If you are a new user then you need to sign up for a new account
  4. Select the product you want to download
  5. Click on download avg button
    • Avg retail file will get downloaded in your device in few seconds
  6. Run the setup file which is downloaded
    • Allow the User Agreement by click on ‘Yes’.
    • Click on ‘Install’ to start the installation process
    • Follow on screen instructions
  7. Avg antivirus file is installed successfully and you are protected.

How to activate avg antivirus?

  1. Open your installed file of AVG Antivirus.
  2. Select your language and then continue.
  3. Now, enter your avg license number
    • Either this code will be on the backside of the retail card with silver coating or in your mail which you have been got from AVG.
  4. After it, you will see two options Scan Now or Skip Scan choose whatever you want.

Avg For Home and Office

Here a couple of normal signs that your PC has keep running into inconvenience.

  • Hacking of touchy data and records
  • Loss of critical information
  • Constant pop-ups
  • Slow framework execution also hang
  • Delayed reaction of uses
  • Device unfit to recognize remote associations and printers
  • Hard plate crash
  • Auto-reboot of working framework, and so on

Avg Retail For Business and Partners

For every one of these indications, you can discover successful arrangements from Avg.com that incorporate.

  • Updated Avg security.
  • Antivirus re-establishment.
  • Error obsession for antivirus.
  • Computer output to distinguish and examine existing and in addition potential dangers.
  • Configure Avg as per framework prerequisites
  • Customize security settings for finish assurance
  • Repair Avg antivirus